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by Andrew W.K. , 09/14/2009

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I love New York City so much, I can hardly contain myself!!! I first visited New York with my dad when I was 13 years old. We came from Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is where I grew up. As soon as I saw Times Square, I was 100% set on living in this land. And I was certain that as soon as I could, I would move to the City and make my life here. When I turned 18 years old and was done with high school, I packed up and moved to the Big Apple. That was about 12 years ago.

My first three NYC years were spent in Brooklyn—both in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. I think the best Thai restaurant in all of NYC happens to be located in the heavily Polish part of Greenpoint. It's called Amarin Cafe, and I swear on my life, I ate their green curry with salmon every single day for a year straight. I just got into a meal routine, and once I started, it was impossible to stop. These days, I live in Midtown Manhattan, right between Times Square and Bryant Park (which was always my dream, since those early childhood trips). But I have some friends who live in Greenpoint, and every time I visit them, I make sure to stop off at Amarin for the curry. (I mix peanuts in it, which I highly recommend.)

One of my favorite parts about living in Midtown Manhattan is all of the street-food choices. Lots of people work in this area and are looking for breakfast, lunch and maybe a quick dinner, so there are lots and lots of food options. But because of the fast-paced business world, a lot of people prefer the food carts on the streets, rather than taking the time to sit down somewhere. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of food stands, but I think the halal food stand on the corner of West 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue is probably the best, and is certainly the most popular. This is the only food stand I've seen to have lines all the way down the block—it is really, really good and very, very fresh food.

Living in Midtown Manhattan has kept me connected to the feelings I had when I first visited New York—I was overwhelmed, scared, excited, amazed and just completely overtaken with the power of this miracle that is NYC. I also like being around all the people who are visiting New York themselves. I like to look up at all the buildings with them. I want every day here to feel new and fresh and full of possibility. I can honestly say that the longer I've been in NYC, the more amazing it has become and the more amazing my life has grown. This city has given so much to me, and it's an honor to live here or spend any time here at all. It is, quite simply, as good as it gets.

Andrew W.K. is the co-owner of multi-level, late-night dance club Santos Party House in Chinatown. His latest (and first-ever instrumental) album, 55 Cadillac, is available on his website,


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