Cheap Chic: 9 NYC Vintage Stores


by Laura Kusnyer, 03/16/2009

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Beacon's Closet
A similar animal to Buffalo Exchange, this vintage-thrift superstore (with locations in Williamsburg and Park Slope) offers a huge selection of low-priced finds. True to its name, Beacon's exudes an air of coziness you might feel while exploring your mother's walk-in—only on a much larger scale. Be sure to give yourself at least an hour to scour the racks.

What's in store: In addition to, well, everything, Beacon's offers great girly finds, like pastel '80s-era knits and floral-print frocks. Pay special attention to the jewelry selection—although not vintage, the price-is-nice collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings can pass for antiques when worn right.

Price range: Not quite as cheap as Buffalo Exchange, but still very affordable—most goods are between $15 and $40.


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    Beacon's Closet
    23 Bogart St.
    Multiple Locations
    NY 11237

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