Cheap Chic: 9 NYC Vintage Stores


by Laura Kusnyer, 03/16/2009

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Buffalo Exchange
Hang a left on Driggs Avenue after bidding adieu to Fille De Joie and find a less-discriminating take on recycled fashion just a few blocks north. Buffalo Exchange isn't so much vintage as it is thrift, but its bountiful and wallet-friendly selection of jewelry, shoes and threads means no male or female customer will leave empty-handed. Warning: put your game face on if you plan to make a trip here on the weekend—that's when the Williamsburg fashion-hungry come a-rummaging for their next bold look.

What's in store: The racks aren't stacked with Prada at Buffalo, but rather with the tees, tanks, sweaters, skirts and more the neighbors handed over after cleaning out their closets. A healthy selection of accessories and kicks—from pumps to sneakers to cowboy boots—will round out your outfit of choice.

Price range: Lots of items under $10 and tons under $20. When designer items hit the shelves, expect to pay more but still get a bargain.


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    Buffalo Exchange
    332 E 11th St
    Multiple Locations

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