Cheap Chic: 9 NYC Vintage Stores


by Laura Kusnyer, 03/16/2009

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New York City as fashion capital? Oh, let us count the…years. With such a long history of style, couture relics were bound to flow back into NYC circulation at some point. The City teems with vintage wear, and shoppers who crave one-of-a-kind, quality pieces but can't afford hot-off-the-presses designer garments (especially these days) can recycle these old looks—minus the guilty conscience. "I want you to be happy!" exclaims Fille De Joie owner C.C. McGurr. "I'm selling love back to the community—and doing it with a smile." Stocks might be down, but style seekers can still keep their spirits up and make an investment in their closet. So go on, get your vintage on at the nine stores at left.


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