Cheap Chic: 9 NYC Vintage Stores


by Laura Kusnyer, 03/16/2009

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They're serious (read: a little snobby) about fashion here, but maybe that's because they know their, er, stuff don't stink. (In fact, a curiously strong rose scent permeates this basement-level space.) Prepare to elbow your way through the neatly organized racks of designer-label men's and women's pieces at this consignment store—just don't expect the employees to buy any old shirt you offer to add to their carefully curated collection.

What's in store: Chanel and Gucci and Burberry…oh, my! Typically, only the most prestigious fashion players find a home at Tokio7, and they come in all forms—from silk A-line skirts to houndstooth suit jackets to trousers for professional ladies and gentlemen.

Price range: A bit expensive, yes, but not as tough on the wallet as you might expect for labels like Dolce & Gabbana and Betsey Johnson. Some items are tagged as low as $30, while others approach the $300 mark.


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    83 E. 7th St.
    Manhattan – East Village
    NY 10003

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