Staten Island Arts / Culture Lounge

10 Ferry Terminal Dr.
Staten Island, NY 10301

St. George

  • Mon.–Fri., 11am–7pm; Sat., noon–5pm

For commuters and tourists who pass through St. George Ferry Terminal, the Staten Island Culture Lounge presents an opportunity to soak up the borough's rich artistic offerings right after disembarking. On exhibit are works from homegrown artists in multiple forms of media—poetry, music, painting, sculpture and more—far from Manhattan's trendy, and often maddening, art crowds. At 2,500 square feet, the lounge helps illuminate some of the best work coming out of the Staten Island art scene in a space more intimate than many galleries and includes a market where one-of-a-kind and other unique works can be purchased. Every dollar helps support the borough's burgeoning art community and the up-can-comers working within it.



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