Chrysler Building

405 Lexington Ave
Manhattan, NY

Midtown East

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do at the Chrysler Building? There’s no observation deck, but you can explore the lobby and admire its superb art deco interior. For a view of the building’s stunning exterior, look northeast from the Empire State Building Observatory or southeast from the Top of the Rock.

When are the best times to visit? The lobby is only open on weekdays. To avoid the rush of office workers heading to and from their jobs, try going around 10:30–11am, or between 2 and 4pm.

How do I get tickets? You don’t need tickets. You can access the lobby when it’s open, and it’s free.

Anything interesting I should know about the lobby? The mural on the ceiling, by artist Edward Turnbull, is entitled Transport and Human Endeavor. It depicts the manufacturing and engineering marvels of its age. Measuring 78 by 100 feet, it was the largest indoor mural in the world when it was completed.



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