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Sunset Park

Sunset Park embodies New York City’s melting-pot ethos. It’s a place where an old-school Irish bar thrives near a string of taco joints and a populous Chinatown. You’re never far from a delicious, inexpensive place to eat, but there’s more than just diversity of restaurants; other draws include stellar views of the Upper New York Bay; the City’s most famous cemetery (the final resting place of many prominent politicians, athletes and artists); and an industrial waterfront that now houses the likes of chocolatiers and distillers.

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#SeeYourCity Neighborhood Highlights: Sunset Park

Among Sunset Park’s eclectic offerings is Industry City, an impressive hub of dining, shopping and arts venues, with waterfront space showcasing the area’s famous harbor views. Beyond it, you’ll find a bit of everything: a classic bowling alley, Mexican seafood, a fabled cemetery and the neighborhood’s very own Chinatown.

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