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Lower East Side

The Lower East Side (or LES) is best known these days as a place for an exciting night out. Its narrow streets are lined with trendy bars, clubs, restaurants, galleries and music venues, but the neighborhood has a gritty history too. Nowhere else can you find stilettoed club goers waiting in line across the street from a tenement museum, and some vestiges of its immigrant, punk and artistic past remain—the mix adds to the area's vibrant energy.

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#SeeYourCity Neighborhood Highlights: Lower East Side

For a neighborhood so steeped in history, the Lower East Side is surprisingly modern. The New Museum is a landmark as contemporary as the art it exhibits; chase a visit there with craft cocktails at a posh rooftop lounge. For every new gallery or bar, there’s a vestige of the past—like a century-old family deli or a tenement building from 1863.

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