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St. George

Right where the ferry lands on the Staten Island side, you’ll find a waterfront neighborhood with a beautiful minor league baseball park, one of the city’s oldest concert halls and a historic district of nearly 80 buildings, many of them built in the 19th-century Queen Anne style. Culture aficionados should also check out the Staten Island Museum and the National Lighthouse Museum. Coming soon, the 630-foot-tall Staten Island Wheel will reshape the City’s skyline and provide riders with sweeping views of New York Harbor.

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#SeeYourCity Neighborhood Highlights: St. George

Set sail for new shores—without leaving NYC. Two blocks from the ferry terminal in St. George, you’ll find the Staten Island Museum’s historical art and artifacts, plus a natural science exhibit. Other local treasures include 19th-century architecture, Staten Island’s own brewery and a glittering theater dating back to 1929.

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