Sep 10, 2015
—Jun 6, 2016

Daddy Long Legs


Megan McGinnis (Les Misérables, Little Women) takes center stage in a romantic musical based on a 1912 novel of the same name. Jerusha is saved from an orphanage by an anonymous, wealthy benefactor who pays for her to attend college—the sole caveat being that she must send him monthly correspondence with no expectation of response. Through her letters to the mysterious “Daddy Long Legs,” we witness Jerusha’s transformation into a learned, sophisticated young woman, and her discovery of a secret that will change her life forever. Music comes courtesy of Tony Award nominee Paul Gordon, with book and direction by Tony winner John Caird (Jane Eyre, Les Misérables).

Type:  Musical
Audience:  Not for younger children (5+)
Duration:  2 hours, 10 minutes including intermission


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