Sep 16
—Oct 1, 2016

New York Oyster Week

Governors Island
Manhattan, NY 10004


New York Harbor was once known for its bountiful oyster beds, which the native Lenape tribe considered a dietary staple. It’s a fact that makes the City a particularly fitting place for the celebration of these bivalves at New York Oyster Week. Nightly events held in the five boroughs and beyond include a yacht ride with an oyster-heavy menu and various foodie happenings that pair oysters with spirits. There's also the Brooklyn Oyster Riot with live music, a Big Gay Oyster Brunch, an OystoberFest and "oystergating" for Monday Night Football. 

If you miss out on any of the shellfish festivities, you can compensate by slurping down some oyster specials at restaurants like The John Dory Oyster Bar, Essex RestaurantBlue Water Grill and Blue Fin. While the emphasis is on the tastiness of this delicacy, organizers also focus on the importance of oysters to our precious, and fragile, ecosystem.

Photo: Brad Gorsky



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