West Village

This Manhattan neighborhood has been a center for countercultural movements in literature, theater and LGBTQ rights. It's also home to formidable dining and shopping scenes.

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Prospect Heights

Visit this diverse neighborhood for cool cocktail bars, striking architecture and the Brooklyn Museum’s vast trove of art.

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Belmont/Arthur Avenue

The Bronx's Little Italy serves up old-world cuisine and old-fashioned charm.

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Jazz history, homemade tortillas, Italian ices and some of the world's best athletes await in Queens.

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St. George

Rugged, historic and charming, St. George is Staten Island's gateway neighborhood.

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Van Cortlandt Park

This green space features natural beauty and America's first municipal golf course.

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Visit this neighborhood for some of New York City's most recognizable attractions, finest restaurants, largest stores and greatest cultural institutions.

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The Five Boroughs

New York City is made up of five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Each one has enough attractions—and enough personality—to be a city all its own. Learn more about them with this guide.

the five boroughs

BOROUGH The Bronx This is where hip-hop was born, where the Yankees became a dynasty and where you can find New York City's leading zoo and botanical garden. more.
BOROUGH Brooklyn No matter how hip it looks on TV, NYC's most populous borough is best experienced in person. Read on to find out about live music, Prospect Park, Nets basketball and more. more.
BOROUGH Manhattan Even if you think you know Manhattan—its world-class museums, fine dining and unforgettable views—the borough always has something new and exciting in store. more.
BOROUGH Queens Taste food from around the globe, watch Mets baseball and US Open tennis, see cutting-edge art and more in one of the world's most diverse places. more.
BOROUGH Staten Island Take a free ferry ride to an island getaway filled with historic architecture, stunning views, gardens and many family-friendly attractions. more.

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most-viewed neighborhoods

Central Park

New York City's most famous green space is full of attractions and surprises.

Meatpacking District

This neighborhood is packed with trendy eats, alternative art and designer fashion.


Iconic attractions like the Empire State Building, Times Square and Broadway are just some of what you'll find in this comprehensive guide to the heart of Manhattan.

Arthur Avenue

The Bronx's Little Italy serves up authentic cuisine and old-fashioned charm.

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