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by Julie Besonen, 07/30/2014

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  • Miss Lily's 7A Café
    109 Ave. A, 212-812-1482, East Village, Manhattan
    The East Village's beatnik 7A Cafe anchored the corner of Avenue A and 7th Street for 30 years, a good run. Miss Lily's, a Jamaican roadside diner, recently pulled into the space as effortlessly as a skilled parallel parker. Co-owner Paul Salmon has the drill down, since he is also behind the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril and the original Miss Lily's, on Houston Street. Spicy jerk wings, crispy cod fish fritters with curry dipping sauce and Melvin's famous fresh juices are here as well as shelves of Red Stripe and rum-themed cocktails. Lunch and brunch are served every day, and the place stays open until 2am. A more limited, late-night menu goes into effect at 11pm, featuring hot pepper shrimp and jerk grilled corn with toasted coconut. At all times expect to hear reggae on the sound system and to see beautiful people, both on staff and in the aquamarine booths.

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