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by Julie Besonen, 08/26/2015

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  • Superiority Burger
    430 E. 9th St., 212-256-1192, East Village, Manhattan
    The original home of Amanda Cohen's Dirt Candy is now Superiority Burger, which keeps the vegetarian flame burning. Heading it up is Brooks Headley, former pastry chef at Del Posto, having perfected a veggie burger of beans, grains and tofu that looks and nearly tastes like beef. The fat puck is compact, topped with Muenster cheese, pickles, tomato and lettuce, managing to be juicy yet not crumble within its squishy bun. There's also a tasty sloppy joe (called "Sloppy Dave") with bell pepper and frizzled onions and "burnt" broccoli salad whose char, cilantro, red chilies and bits of eggplant imbue extra zip. The tiny, white-tiled diner has seating for six—a window nook for two and a bench with four swiveling TV trays. If those are occupied, enjoy your healthy fast food on the sidewalk or take it to a bench in nearby Tompkins Square Park. Packaging is extra thoughtful: items are wrapped in wax paper and, in the case of the Sloppy Dave, the sesame seed bun kept separate from the filling to prevent any sogginess.

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