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by Julie Besonen, 05/06/2015

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  • Raclette
    195 Ave. A, 917-853-5377, East Village, Manhattan
    No kidding: there are moans going on in this petite East Village café that rival what Meg Ryan did at Katz's Deli in When Harry Met Sally. The sounds of pleasure are so difficult to ignore, you may find yourself compelled to "have what she's having," which, in this case, is an Americano: toasted, tangy country bread sandwiching caramelized onions, leek fondue, roasted garlic and melted white English cheddar—rapture in each bite. Order raclette Savoyarde and there is more drama. A plate of new potatoes is presented, flanked by a salad of arugula, cornichons and pickled white pearl onions; a server stands overhead, scraping velvety, nutty cheese over the potatoes from a giant wheel of Grand Cru raclette, finishing the dish with a reddish dusting of paprika. You'll also find an exemplary croque monsieur, but so far no drinks other than sparkling water and tea. A wine and beer license is in the works.

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