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by Julie Besonen, 04/08/2015

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  • Bricolage
    162 Fifth Ave., 718-230-1835, Park Slope, Brooklyn
    Bricolage, a mellow Vietnamese restaurant with an artistic bent, is one of the most anticipated New York City openings of 2015. The collaborative project (bricolage, of French derivation, means something created from a diverse range of available things) involves chefs Lien and Edward Lin of San Francisco's Slanted Door, designer Miro Gal of the School of Visual Arts and Brooklyn-based investor Jed Freedlander. They serve street food like easy-to-love spring rolls, fried chicken wings dipped in sriracha and melted butter, and "unshaking beef"—a take on the Slanted Door's famed shaking beef, which is seared in a wok. Here, the flank steak is grilled, the flavor deepened with lime-pepper sauce. Green papaya salad, so ubiquitous at Vietnamese spots it might seem banal, turns out to be the most vibrant dish on the menu. Dessert also has its thrills, such as a warm chocolate cake shot through with blue cheese.

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