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by Julie Besonen, 02/11/2015

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  • Aldo Sohm Wine Bar
    151 W. 51st St., 212-554-1143, Midtown West, Manhattan
    Aldo Sohm, Austrian wine director at Le Bernardin, is a partner at this posh wine bar with a separate entrance across the galleria from the mother ship. There are more than 30 wines by the glass and 200 by the bottle, mostly European, and served in such fragile, beautiful, hand-blown, Zalto stemware it makes what's poured inside seem even more special. Wine-friendly food, such as charcuterie, a selection of cheeses from Murray's, a grilled foie gras lollipop and short rib skewers with fried shallots, are designed to be shared. Another fabulous treat is bite-size boudin blanc piled in a mini Staub pot and served with spicy mustard. Comfortable banquettes and pillows are center stage, ringed by communal high tables, modern art and shelves holding a whimsical assortment of musical instruments, big clocks and animal sculptures. Prices are not all geared toward the silver-spoon crowd; wine starts at $11 a glass, and most dishes are $12 and under.

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