Ivan Ramen

25 Clinton St.
Manhattan, NY 10002

Lower East Side

  • Daily, 5:30pm–midnight

Ivan Ramen is far from Cup Noodles. It's an experience that raises the bar on the genre, with whole wheat and rye variations threaded around pork, mushrooms and vegetables. It's pure soupy goodness. The Clinton Street location is the New York City flagship, even though it opened several months after the popular Slurp Shop counter at Gotham West Market. Founder Ivan Orkin, from Long Island, first hit it big in Tokyo by subverting ideas the Japanese traditionally held firm. Take okonomiyaki, a savory, eggy pancake studded with cabbage, onions and a kitchen sink of meat or fish and zigzagged with brown and white sauces; here it's a waffle made of Pennsylvania-style scrapple and charred cabbage dribbled with a sweetish barbecue sauce. It may sound strange, but it's one of their signature dishes. The narrow space has a fun collage of Japanese and American iconic images, an open kitchen fronted by counter seats and an appealing backyard patio covered by a striped awning.

Photo: Daniel Krieger


  • Good for Groups
  • Notable Chef
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • $$$
  • Japanese / Sushi


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