Monument Lane

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103 Greenwich Ave.
Manhattan, New York 10014

West Village


Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, friends who enjoyed the pleasures of tavern life, would no doubt be at home here, enveloped in colonial American decor of dark wood, vintage maps and prints. Back then, Greenwich Avenue was known as Monument Lane and the waters surrounding Manhattan were abundant with oysters, clams, mussels and lobster. To that end, there's a raw bar featuring all of the aforesaid, plus a meaty lobster roll. Chef Brian Murphy, a vet of Picholine and The Mott, also prepares modernized pub favorites like pork potpie, meatloaf and mushroom-and-leek tarts. West Villagers are streaming in to check it out, happy to see the long-abandoned former Day-O space alive again with conversation and the clink of libations.



  • American (New)
  • Seafood


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