2350 Arthur Ave.
Bronx, NY 10458
Arthur Avenue & Belmont

  • 8am–5:30pm daily

A family-owned butcher shop since the 1930s, Biancardi’s is a throwback in all of the best ways, featuring staff that pay close attention to detail as they chop and slice your beef, pork, sausage and poultry to order, and lower prices than many grocery stores. Make sure to keep an eye open for their specialty meats—tripe, brains and sweetbreads are all just a counter away.

Photo: Joe Buglewicz


  • Cash Only
  • Food & Grocery Stores/Greenmarkets

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Must-See Arthur Avenue & Belmont

Things to Do Must-See Arthur Avenue & Belmont

Head to Arthur Avenue to shop at family-run groceries and eat authentic Italian fare in the charming Belmont neighborhood.


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