95 Spring St, 2nd fl
Manhattan, NY 10012



True to its name, Kiosk feels like a roadside market—if that road were to run through the middle of SoHo and appeal to the sort of consumer who loves a $7 German bottle opener as much as a pair of Japanese headphones. Case in point: the store's founders, Alisa Grifo and her husband, Marco ter Haar Romeny, took a three-week vacation through Florida to find objects for their American Installment Number Two. The installment includes items from all over the United States: a set of pink flamingos from upstate New York, a Plexiglas ice bucket from Florida, an aluminum-framed beach chair made by Telescope Casual Furniture in upstate New York. Since 2005, the pair has hosted collections from Germany, Japan and Mexico, along with several "mini-exhibitions" for the likes of Jason Rosenberg and Uglycute.



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