The City That Never Sleeps: 24-Hour NYC

by Jonathan Zeller, 02/23/2011

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  • Duane Reade
    250 Bedford Ave., 718-384-7026, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    Custom-built to capture the hearts of Williamsburgers—some of whom were suspicious of the pharmacy chain's first foray into their indie-minded 'hood—this Duane Reade location's centerpiece is Brew York City, a counter where an attendant fills customers' growlers (64-ounce refillable jugs) with a variety of beers on tap for $7.99. Don't have a growler? Not to worry. Duane Reade will sell you one for $3.99. Jeff, a gray-bearded man from Palm Beach in town visiting his son, bought a growler full of beer around 10:15pm on a Wednesday. He reported that his son, a neighborhood resident, "loves" the superstore, which stocks a variety of groceries and other products. Those who wish to support independent businesses might also be interested to know of another popular 24-hour pharmacy in Brooklyn: Neergaard, in Park Slope. It's growler-free, but the place has been open round the clock "since World War I," and there's always a pharmacist on duty.

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