The City That Never Sleeps: 24-Hour NYC

by Jonathan Zeller, 02/23/2011

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  • Staten Island Ferry
    Whitehall Ferry Terminal, 4 South St., Battery Park, Manhattan
    Sure, the Staten Island Ferry is primarily a commuter service. Did you know, though, that the ferry runs all night long—see the ferry schedule here—and that you can purchase and consume beer on said conveyance? Riders can purchase popcorn and other snacks at the concession stand, the views are amazing, and it's free. Is this the most overlooked date or hangout option in the history of the City? Perhaps. The voyage takes 25 minutes each way, and there's nothing to stop you from taking the ride to Staten Island, disembarking, walking onto the next Manhattan-bound ship and floating right back. (Alas, last call for beer is at midnight, a ferry employee tells us, but there's no shortage of bars within a stone's throw of both ferry terminals.)

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