The City That Never Sleeps: 24-Hour NYC

by Jonathan Zeller, 02/23/2011

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  • Rossman Fruit and Vegetable Distribution
    770 Third Ave., 718-788-3999, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
    Rossman Fruit and Vegetable Distribution stands ready to sate any nighttime craving for broccoli, carrots, apples and virtually anything else edible that grows out of the ground or on a tree. "Affordable" doesn't begin to describe the prices here—one customer jokingly speculated that something "underhanded" must be going on to make them possible—and they also stock assorted grocery staples like cereal, yogurt, bread and juices, along with some flowers, which are also a bargain. Intent on keeping business moving at an efficient pace, the staff is definitely not chatty. You'll be grateful for (or perhaps even amazed at) their speed, though, when they weigh your produce at checkout. If you don't live in the shop's immediate neighborhood, you may want to visit during the day or early evening; Rossman is located way over on Third Avenue in Sunset Park, which is deserted late at night. That said, it's just one block from the R train at 25th Street.

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