Ice Age: NYC's Frozen-Dessert Revolution

by Jonathan Zeller, 05/30/2012

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  • Blue Marble Ice Cream
    196 Court St., 718-858-0408, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
    186 Underhill Ave., 718-399-6926, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
    Brooklyn Flea, 176 Lafayette Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn
    Brooklyn Bridge Park, Piers 1 and 6, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
    Governors Island
    Having set up shop in 2007, Blue Marble qualifies as virtually ancient among New York City's artisanal ice-cream purveyors. The milk used in making the ice cream here comes from in-state farmers, flavors are all-natural and none of the ice cream contains corn syrup or preservatives. Interesting varieties include Grape-Nuts and Cinnamon. Blue Marble's earth-friendliness doesn't stop at the ice cream itself: the stores' energy is provided by wind and water power, and the cups and spoons are compostable. Countertops are made from recycled materials, and the proprietors selected materials from Brooklyn's own Bettencourt Green Building Supplies to avoid the use of chemicals and minimize their impact on the environment.

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