by Jonathan Zeller, 06/17/2014

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  • Cart Bagel
    The cart bagel, best paired with a "regular" coffee, has gotten many an NYC office worker through the morning grind. It's generally served with a rectangular slab of cream cheese that looks a little bit like a large, flat, white pencil eraser. It mostly resembles a store-bought hamburger bun with a hole poked through it. We wouldn't be surprised if that's really what this was, though the owner of the cart we bought from told us his supplier was the New York Bagel Company (tough to Google). This was so far from the traditional definition of a bagel that we couldn't even really test it—when we tried to measure its volume in a tub, the presliced specimen became waterlogged almost instantly; it absorbed as much water as it displaced. That's telling in itself. We did provide the numbers we were able to get for informational purposes, but have excluded the cart bagel from our rankings.
    Weight: 110g
    Circumference: 35.3cm
    Hole size: Too small to measure—no light shines through. Strangely, though, the incomplete indentation is about 5.5cm wide.
    Sweetener: Shrouded in mystery

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