by Jonathan Zeller, 06/17/2014

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  • Absolute Bagels
    We measured the standard-issue Absolute Bagel in the SBTL, but this Upper West Side joint's mini bagels are closer in size to the NYC bagels of yore. The big ones are large, pillowy and—according to the sample we tested—among the least dense of the NYC classics. But they still have the kind of crust you can only get by boiling and baking, and adherents will tell you that they set the standard for breakfast uptown. Choose whichever size works for you.
    Weight: 123g (Rank: 4 of 8)
    Volume: 425ml (2, tied w/ Terrace Bagels and Murray's Bagels)
    Density: .289g/ml (6)
    Circumference: 37.5cm (2)
    Hole size: 2.5cm at its widest (3)
    Sweetener: Malt

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