by Jonathan Zeller, 06/17/2014

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  • Bagel Hole
    This Park Slope shop serves Mayor de Blasio's favorite bagel, and some say it's a perfect example of the old, fist-size, chewy classic. Owner Phil Romanzi says, "We just make 'em the way they're supposed to be made, going way back to the early days." Your jaw will get a workout. Closely guarding Bagel Hole's recipe, Romanzi declined to disclose his sweetener, although he proudly said he used no sugar. Bagel Hole is the current bagel supplier to New York City appetizing icon Russ & Daughters. The sample we took from Russ & Daughters was the densest of all those tested, slightly more so than the one from Bagel Hole—but Romanzi says the bagels he provides to the Lower East Side shop are made the same way as those from his own store, so we'll chalk the difference up to standard deviation.
    Weight: 110g from Bagel Hole, 102g from Russ & Daughters (Rank: 7 of 8*)
    Volume: 250ml from Bagel Hole, 200ml from Russ & Daughters (7)
    Density: .44 g/ml from Bagel Hole, .51g/ml from Russ & Daughters (1, tied w/ Black Seed Bagels)
    Circumference: 32.6 cm from Bagel Hole, 32.7cm from Russ & Daughters (8)
    Hole size: 3cm wide at its widest at both locations (2)
    Sweetener: It's a secret

    *Note: rankings based on average of Bagel Hole and Russ & Daughters numbers.

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