by Jonathan Zeller, 06/17/2014

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  • Murray's Bagels
    Murray's Bagels in Greenwich Village marries old-school bagel chewiness with new-school girth and inner fluff. They're big all right, and our sample wasn't even particularly dense. But there was some browning on the shell, and the boiling-and-baking process gives it an authentic crunchy, chewy feel. It's proof that density isn't the only factor that matters when it comes to chewiness. Owner Adam Pomerantz originally tried to make his bagels smaller until customer preference swayed him. Like those at Terrace, these big bagels are good for sandwiches.
    Weight: 121g (Rank: 5 of 8)
    Volume: 425ml (2, tied w/ Absolute Bagels and Terrace Bagels)
    Density: .285g/ml (7)
    Circumference: 36.6cm (4)
    Hole size: 1cm at its widest (6, tied w/ New York City Bagel and Coffee House)
    Sweetener: Malt

4 of 10

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