by Jonathan Zeller, 06/17/2014

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  • Well-Known National Chain
    In any real scientific experiment, you've got to have controls. We have two. The first is Dunkin' Donuts—which offers a perfectly passable bagel-esque product that most people around the nation have to accept as good enough. The Dunkin' bagel we tested was ever so slightly less dense than even the puffiest NYC bagel in the group. We'll give credit where credit is due, though—considering it's a chain whose bagels sport a standardized, symmetrical shape, we're impressed that the folks at DD didn't go gigantic. By weight, volume and circumference, their bagel is smaller than average.
    Weight: 113g (Rank: 6 of 8)
    Volume: 400ml (5, tied w/ Ess-a-Bagel)
    Density: .283 g/ml (8)
    Circumference: 35.5cm (5, tied w/ Black Seed Bagels)
    Hole size: 1.25cm at its widest (5)
    Sweeteners: Sugar, malt extract, natural ferment flavor and molasses

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