Game On!

by Joanna Citrinbaum, 01/23/2013

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  • As everyone knows, drinking can lead to fun times, but let's face it: sitting on a bar stool can get a little tedious. That's why so many bars in New York City have more on tap than just beer and alcohol—and we don't mean Big Buck Hunter. What's special about the following watering holes is the quality and quantity of the amusements they offer. With plenty of shuffleboard tables, pinball machines and bocce courts—among other gaming accessories—to go around, these establishments raise the bar when it comes to the availability of activities. You'll find comfort in timeworn tavern staples like pool tables and dartboards and fall in love with recent additions like video game consoles and mechanical bulls. Many of the amenities are offered at no cost to the customer; if there's a fee, it's fair (you won't blow your booze budget, we promise). Ready to drink it all in? Put on your game face—we're about to embark on one buzz-inducing bar crawl.

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