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by Joanna Citrinbaum, 01/23/2013

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    Barcade is where your favorite childhood pastime meets your favorite adult activity. The cavernous drinking den specializes in American craft beers for drinking and arcade classics for playing. While the 37 old-school games at this Williamsburg joint rarely change—popular ones include Donkey Kong, Tetris and Galaga—the beers on offer here differ from one day to the next (see for a list of what's on tap today). Another retro surprise? The games cost only a quarter to play. High scorers have the honor of seeing their name, game, points total and conquest date listed on one of two chalkboards mounted above the machines as well as on Barcade's website. Perhaps the best example of how Barcade caters to its clientele, however, is its hours: the venue is open until 4am daily, should you need to sate that middle-of-the-night craving for suds and Smash T.V.

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