Big-City Barbecue 

by Julie Besonen, 03/06/2013

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  • Daisy May's BBQ USA
    623 Eleventh Ave., 212-977-1500, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
    You'd never know a celebrity chef, Adam Perry Lang, was behind this self-service shack in Hell's Kitchen. The ambience at Daisy May's BBQ USA, with its plain paneled walls, is nothing special—but things really improve when you get a taste of Lang's Kansas City sweet-and-sticky, supermeaty pork ribs and Carolina pulled pork. Eyeballing the mouthwatering sides, you'll have a difficult time deciding among creamy mashed potatoes with redeye gravy, velvety macaroni and cheese, and rustic creamed corn laced with New York State cheddar. Why not get them all and risk a heart scare? You never know when they'll run out, but if you see bourbon peaches, get them too—just like canned, but way better.

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