Broadway Winter 2013/Spring 2014 Guide

by Whitney Spaner, 12/09/2013

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  • The Realistic Joneses
    Playwright Will Eno, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and Off-Broadway sensation, is finally making his debut on the Great White Way with The Realistic Joneses, a play that premiered to great acclaim at Yale Repertory Theater in 2012. Eno's plays are known for being both moving and humorous. The Realistic Joneses is about two couples—both with the last name of Jones—who have recently become neighbors in a rural town. Other than their surnames, they appear to have little in common, but we soon discover that both male Joneses have the same terminal illness. While this might not seem like the best material for a comic scenario, Eno writes dialogue and conjures a world that allows audiences to laugh in the face of the unsettling situations of human experience. And to render these complicated emotions on stage is an award-winning cast consisting of Marisa Tomei, Michael C. Hall, Toni Colette and Tracy Letts. You'd be hard-pressed to find another ensemble—or script—on Broadway this season that handles weighty material so deftly.
    Lyceum Theatre, 149 W. 45th St. 

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