cheap chic: 13 nyc vintage stores

by Laura Kusnyer, 03/07/2012

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  • Screaming Mimi's
    This NoHo standby is a reminder that while you may be broke, your fashion spirit doesn't have to be broken. Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field is a huge fan of Screaming Mimi's, where the racks are organized both by genre and by decade. Floral dresses on this rack, Western-style shirts on that one—there's even a spot for '80s tie-dyed tees with fringe. 

    What's in store: All the fun you can pack into a mid-size store: Tammy Wynette–inspired tulle gowns, acid-washed jean miniskirts, leather vests and all those old vacation sweatshirts you're kicking yourself for getting rid of. Accessories also play a big role at Screaming Mimi's—specifically its impressive selection of aviators, heart-shaped Ray-Bans and other vintage sunglasses. While there, be sure to swing by the shop's vintage designer and specialty garment penthouse.

    Price range: Not supercheap, but the basics run between $35 and $80; leather jackets, gowns and extremely rare finds cost in the hundreds. 

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