L-evated Cuisine: Dining Along the L Train

by Julie Besonen, 04/03/2013

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  • The L train cuts through downtown Manhattan, hurtles under the East River and punctuates the happening Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhoods. The platform at each stop in those areas serves as a runway for the best hipster fashions in the City, so it's no surprise to discover that there's plenty of inventive cuisine in the vicinity of each station. Around the L's Bedford Avenue stop in particular, there are more restaurants and bars than we can count, but DuMont Burger and Allswell top the list. Lorimer, the next stop in, is the way to The Brooklyn Star's rocking inventive Southern-style cuisine. The extraordinary and eccentric Roberta's is the main attraction at the Morgan Avenue stop, and at Jefferson Street it's all about the wonderful Northeast Kingdom. For our slideshow we've found several other places with great eats, all them worth racing to catch the next Brooklyn-bound L.

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