Armory Show Eats

by Julie Besonen, 02/26/2014

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  • The Landmark Tavern
    626 Eleventh Ave., 212-247-2562, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
    Huddling near the Hudson waterfront since 1868, the Landmark Tavern is no relic and feels almost suburban, with plenty of space between white-linen-covered tables. Gangsters and dockworkers used to haunt the premises, but these days you'll find snappily dressed executives at lunch and young sports lovers gathering to watch games on the telly. The scarred mahogany bar is a beauty, where wayfarers can pull up for a single malt or black and tan served by cordial, efficient barkeeps. Best eats include Irish bangers and mash, filling shepherd's pie and crunchy slabs of fried, flaky tilapia with browned, salty french fries (aka fish and chips). Easy listening music is piped in except for Monday nights, when live Irish sessions take place from 8 to 11pm.

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