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by staff, 03/11/2014

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  • Andy Warhol's 13 Most Wanted Men and the 1964 World's Fair
    April 27–September 7
    Andy Warhol was an up-and-coming artist in 1964. Invited to contribute a piece to the World's Fair that year, he sparked controversy by plastering prints he made of "most wanted" mug shots on the exterior of the fair's New York State Pavilion. The mural was painted over at the direction of fair officials before the event opened to the public, leaving a large silver square as the singular evidence of the artist's only public-art commission. Warhol used the original screens to produce a series of 20 Most Wanted Men paintings, which forms the core of this exhibition. The show marks the 50th anniversary of the fair and celebrates a Warhol work that rubbed the Empire State establishment (namely Robert Moses, Nelson Rockefeller and Philip Johnson) the wrong way.

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