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by staff, 07/16/2014

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  • Summer Streets  
    August 2, 9 and 16
    For three Saturdays in August, the sounds of honking horns and idling delivery trucks give way to the gentle footfalls of pedestrians and the ring-a-ding-ding of bicycle bells. From 7am to 1pm, a corridor connecting Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park—long stretches of Lafayette Street and Park Avenue, and a few connecting streets—will be closed to motor vehicles and open to the public for biking, strolling, dancing and aimless peregrinating. There are five "rest stops" along the way, though that's something of a misnomer, as they'll be offering activities galore—mini golf, a climbing wall, parkour, learn-to-ride bicycling classes (and free bike rentals), yoga and a 165-foot zip line across Foley Square. 

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