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by staff, 04/08/2014

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  • Eddie Izzard
    May 13–18
    British actor and comedian Eddie Izzard is mounting what he calls the largest comedy tour in history. Whether or not that's so, the "Force Majeure" road show, which, all told, will have taken him to five continents and 25 countries ("from Cardiff to Kathmandu and Moscow to Mumbai"), is no piker. And there seems to be no end to Izzard's endurance: in 2009 he ran 1,105 miles (the equivalent of 43 marathons) in 51 days to raise money for the charity Sport Relief. In comparison, his five-night run at the Beacon should be a cakewalk, and will give New Yorkers a chance to catch the inimitable stream-of-consciousness monologues that once led John Cleese refer to him as "the lost Python."

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