Drinks on Deck

by Colleen Clark and Alyssa Grossman, 05/09/2012

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  • New York City's early seafarers were certainly known to have a tipple or 12 while guiding cargo in and out of this famous port town. Now, several centuries later, New Yorkers generally confine their carousing to dry land. But if you're ready to test your sea legs, there's a fleet of fun to be had on the City's waterways, especially during the summer (although many events take place all year). From floating concerts to waterborne dance parties, and from brown-bagging it on a ferry to wine tasting on yachts, these ships offer it all as they set sail for balmy breezes, skyline views and stiff drinks. We may be landlubbers by day, but there's always room for a little swashbuckling at night.

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