Tasting Tour: East 7th Street

by Jessica Allen, 10/03/2012

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  • The East Village's 7th Street is like the City's food scene in miniature. Starting at Third Avenue and moving east, the thoroughfare offers seasonal, handcrafted, artisanal, organic, comfort and/or rustic fare from around the world. These four blocks let you sidle up to a bar that once served Abraham Lincoln, nosh on a lobster that was swimming in the Atlantic yesterday or cozy up to your honey over a vat of fondue. You can dress up for a multicourse Japanese meal or dress down for an ice cream named after an actress from The Golden Girls. You can nurse a cutting-edge cocktail or sample flavors inspired by a chef's childhood memories of Central Europe. Nestled among the neighborhood's hair salons, tattoo parlors, vintage clothing stores and apartment buildings are some of the City's most innovative, most interesting bars and restaurants. Come for brunch, come for lunch, come for dinner—just come hungry. Read on for more details.

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