Fresh Finds: The Best of NYC Greenmarkets

by Alyssa Grossman, 05/01/2012

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  • Hot Bread Kitchen  
    The backstory: Hot Bread Kitchen is much more than a bakery. At the heart of this nonprofit company, now in its third season at the Greenmarkets, is a job-training program for immigrant women. Every week, aspiring artisans serve up batches of ethnic bread inspired by their home countries. The result: a little taste of home—wherever that home may be. 
    Prep process: "We start baking for the markets about 18 hours before the breads go into the oven," says CEO Jessamyn Rodriguez. That's because every loaf is made the traditional way, using a long, slow fermentation process. The piping-hot creations are removed from the oven around midnight, and by 4am drivers arrive to transport the breads to the market. 
    The one thing you have to buy: Rodriguez's can't-miss pick? A Moroccan recipe called m'smen, made with semolina and local butter and traditionally served with hot tea and honey. 
    Favorite moment at the market: "My favorite day of my entire work year is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in Union Square," she says.
    When and where:
    Wednesday: Union Square, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
    Friday: 97th Street, Union Square
    Saturday: Fort Greene Park, Socrates Sculpture Park, Williamsburg Waterfront, Tribeca
    Sunday: 79th Street, Jackson Heights, Columbia

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