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by Alyssa Grossman and Christina Parrella, 12/05/2012

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  • Artistic Assistance 
    As one of the world's most photogenic places, New York City generates hundreds of striking photographic images every year. You can own a piece of NYC's history captured on film and help the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in the process. Known as Art for Sandy Relief, Time magazine's photo editors, in collaboration with the NYC-based online art gallery 20x200, offer a crop of photos that capture iconic views of the City. From a 1930s black-and-white image of Midtown Manhattan to a shot of the Bronx River in the summer, there are 12 prints for sale ranging from $60 for an 11-by-14-inch print to $2,400 for a 30 by 40 inch. Net proceeds from the sales will assist local charities including Safe Space and Red Hook Initiative. Snatch up a limited-edition print quickly, since they're available only through December 16. —CP

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