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Must-See Times Square

by staff, 12/25/2012

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  • Great for Kids
    Times Square's bright lights and animated billboards may be enough to wow grown-up visitors, but younger city-goers may not settle for mere visual appeal. Thankfully, kid-friendly offerings are in no short supply.

    Families can play around inside Toys "R" Us, home to a 60-foot-high Ferris wheel with toys as its cars, Barbie's life-size dollhouse and an animatronic T-Rex measuring in at a towering 20 feet. Over on 45th Street, little Disney fans and their Disney-loving parents can peruse the toys, apparel, collectibles, housewares and DVDs spread across two floors of the company's Times Square store.

    Sweet-toothed visitors should find a suitable snack inside Hershey's Times Square, where a 16-story facade fronts a shop packed with Hershey treats, souvenirs, clothing and even a machine that lets you customize an oversize Hershey's Kiss. Once they've filled their basket with sugar, kids can submit a message and then head outside to see it on the store's scrolling marquee.

    Over at M&M's World New York, chocolate gets colorful. Families can pose for a photo with a towering, candy-coated Statue of Liberty; discover their M&M's personality by stepping into the Color Mood Analyzer; and print images onto their confections. This is also the place to find those specialty flavors you didn't know existed, like coconut and chocolate mint.

    Culture (of the popular variety) is also a staple of Times Square's kid-friendly offerings. Discovery Times Square Exposition tells the stories and secrets behind engaging topics past and present. Previous exhibitions have focused on King Tut, the Titanic and Harry Potter, each enhanced by interactive experiences, artifacts and thought-provoking facts. And Bieber fever meets its match inside Madame Tussauds New York wax museum, where you'll find likenesses of over 200 celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe and Madonna to Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus and, of course, a certain mop-topped heartthrob. Finally, Times Square wouldn't be Times Square without its—well—oddities. Enter Ripley's Believe it or Not!, where shrunken heads, a giant hair ball and a cow with six legs are the norm. —Alyssa Grossman

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