Haunted New York

by Laura Kusnyer, 10/26/2010

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  • Brittany Hall at NYU
    55 E. 10th St., 212-995-3090, Greenwich Village, Manhattan
    Just a few blocks north of Washington Square Park, this New York University frosh dorm is also no stranger to ghost lore. In fact, eerie stories abound, like the one told by one-time resident Andy Eckl. "My friend and I were watching a movie, and we got up because the door opened. Then the door just slammed." Was there a draft? "No," Eckl says, "plus, the doors are really heavy." Another former Brittany resident, Phillip Ward, has a name to go with the otherworldly visitor's…presence. "The ghost's name is Molly, and she died in the early 20th century. You can hear her in the middle of the night. She spends a lot of time in the elevators. I think she fell and died, and for some reason she just hangs around the building," he recounts casually. In fact, no one at the dorm seems frightened by Molly; rather, it seems to be something—urban legend or not—to which students become attuned from day one. As Eckl puts it, "There's just a Brittany ghost. I feel like everyone just knows." She seems to be a friendly ghost, at least, and must not have been irritated by the years when the hall lacked air-conditioning (something that certainly made students grumpy). [Editor's note: Recent renovations have added air-conditioning, fireproofed the doors and replaced some of the period-style windows with modern, energy-efficient ones; no word whether Molly approves.]

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