Green Cuisine: NYC's Healthiest Restaurants

by Julie Besonen, 01/09/2013

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  • Annam Brahma
    84-43 164th St., 718-523-2600, Jamaica Hills, Queens
    Annam Brahma is an otherworldly vegetarian café run by disciples of the late spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy. Female servers are robed in Indian saris, smiling beatifically to all who enter. Soothing music is piped in, the same sort you'd associate with massages and acupuncture sessions. The dining room is lined with Chinmoy portraits and a gift shop selling his meditation-minded books, videos and gift cards. The dal soup is the best item on the menu, delicate yet full of flavor, followed by the chapati roll-up, stuffed with curried vegetables, salad and mayo-tamari sauce. Supplementing the Indian items are burgers made of soy or vegetables, a variety of salads and homemade vegan double-rich chocolate cake. Looking for physical healing? Egyptian yellow tea is fragrant with fenugreek and said to be a liver detoxifier, fever reducer and antianemic tonic.

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