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Historic Houses in NYC

by Annie Bergen, 04/23/2013

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  • Alice Austen House Museum
    Alice Austen Park, 2 Hylan Blvd., 718-816-4506, Rosebank, Staten Island
    Alice Austen was one of America's earliest and most accomplished female photographers. Her home was situated on Staten Island in an idyllic setting overlooking New York Harbor. The house, named "Clear Comfort," provided a backdrop for many of her photos, which are displayed in the home today along with her celebrated street photography. What began as a small 17th-century Dutch farmhouse underwent several renovations and additions in the 18th and 19th centuries, resulting in the ivy-accented Victorian Gothic cottage it is today. The house, restored in the mid-1980s, features period rooms, regular photography exhibitions, photography classes and photography summer camps for kids.

    Don't Miss: the 1891 photograph in the foyer bathroom of Alice and her friend Miss Eccleston striking poses, wearing masks and pretending to smoke (in an era when women were arrested for doing so).

    Holiday Fun:
    November 29–December 1, 11am–5pm  
    Annual Juried Holiday Art & Craft Fair
At this fete, local vendors will sell vintage accessories, holiday foods, housewares and handmade goods.

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