Indie Jewelry Stores

by Jared Flint, 07/30/2013

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  • Erstwhile Jewelry Co.
    589 Fifth Ave., 347-875-0096, Midtown, Manhattan
    J.S. Klusner opened Erstwhile Jewelry in 2010, but his family has been in the business for well over a century. His great-great-grandfather opened Belle Epoche Jewelry in 1887 in Odessa, Russia; generations of Klusners were forced to flee both Bolsheviks and Nazis and eventually found their way to New York City, specifically to 47th Street, also known as the City's Diamond District. J.S. grew up honing his eye for antiques, and the resulting collection at Erstwhile reflects that experience. Rings definitely take center stage—don't overlook the '20s-era cocktail rings. Note: the store is open by appointment only. 

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